Marco Rubio's Immigration Evolution Is Stirring GOP Anxiety

Marco Rubio's Immigration Evolution Is Stirring GOP Anxiety
WASHINGTON — The ongoing scuffle between Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) over immigration has evinced a fair amount of panic within establishment Republican circles. While some worry that the conflict will lead to a damaging …
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The brutal truth about man's social 'evolution'
In contrast, social evolution hinges on comparisons applied within the last two thousand years, a period that doesn't register on real evolutionary calendars. Many arguments critical of tradition are guilty of the hokum of social evolution and the …
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Prof. Emeritus James Hopson receives award for seminal work on mammalian evolution
Prof. Emeritus James Allen “Jim” Hopson, a distinguished educator and paleontologist whose seminal work on the earliest forerunners to mammals shaped our understanding of mammalian evolutionary history, was awarded the prestigious Romer-Simpson …
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