Medical Staffing Direct Now Makes Supplemental Staffing More Cost Effective for Florida Hospitals

BOCA RATON, FL (PRWEB) February 2, 2004

Medical Staffing Direct (MSD) – a revolutionary Internet-based medical staffing exchange, providing technology solutions to both hospitals and clinicians – has been implemented in South Florida with unprecedented results at Wellington Regional Hospital (West Palm Beach), Westchester General Hospital (Miami), Florida Hospital Waterman (Tavares), South Miami Hospital (a member of Baptist Health South Florida), and Southern Winds Hospital (Hialeah) – and is quickly gaining national attention.

MSD is highly effective in reducing hospitals’ supplemental staffing costs, while offering clinicians premium pay rates. Similar in construction to other Internet staffing web sites (such as or, MSD takes the middleman out of the hiring process and puts clinicians and hospitals in direct contact with each other. This results in a shorter hiring process, higher pay for the prospective employee, and substantial savings for the hospital – a classic win-win situation.

Medical Staffing Direct allows hospitals to conveniently set the rates they are willing to pay healthcare professionals and avoid absorbing the high costs of using supplemental staffing agencies to fill shifts. The savings for each shift filled through the exchange represents approximately $ 75.00 to $ 100.00 for every 12-hours worked (or a 10%-12% reduction in supplemental staffing expenses).

“Using Medical Staffing Direct technology has saved our hospital approximately $ 6,000 over the past two months,” comments Carole DiFlorio, Chief Nurse Executive Wellington Regional Hospital. DiFlorio adds, “Dealing with staffing agencies required numerous phone calls, a lot of stress waiting for call backs, and ultimately wasted time and money. MSD is a far more organized and cost-effective method of hiring staff – it’s a one-stop shop.”

At a time when hospitals urgently need to control costs, allowing high-priced third party staffing agencies to determine the cost of filling supplemental staffing needs runs counter to the cost control objective. Jeff Rosenfeld, President of MSD adds, “MSD offers an alternative to the current model, giving hospitals pricing power in the marketplace, allowing clinicians to make more money and choose hospitals and shifts they prefer – ultimately reducing the current nursing shortage in their facility.”

No capital investment or IT cost is required for hospitals to use the services of Medical Staffing Direct. Additionally, MSD administers all payroll responsibilities and checks employees’ credentials, making sure employees are compliant. Because the solution is web based, no additional software or hardware is needed to fully implement MSD’s service.

Chief Operating Officer of Westchester General Hospital Bill Winn notes, “Our hospital’s internal costs associated with requesting, verifying and confirming supplemental staffing will be reduced by MSD’s streamlined placement process. With MSD, there is only one point of contact for our hospital’s schedulers and clinicians who want to work for a premium wage – allowing hospital schedulers to return to their core competencies. I can only see more hospital systems around the country implementing this cost-effective technology.” Medical Staffing Direct is dedicated to lowering hospitals’ supplemental staffing costs and increasing clinicians’ pay rates, job satisfaction and opportunities.

For more information or to interview the President of Medical Staffing Direct, please call Ria Romano, Director of Healthcare Public Relations at 561-750-9800, ext. 21.


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