MET Labs Completes Validation of the TDM Conformance Tester for Testing Tolling Tags and Readers

MET Laboratories, a leading independent test lab, announces that the Times Division Multiplexing (TDM) conformance tester is now available and TDM vendors can test their TDM tolling tags and readers.

The TDM (IAG) protocol (also known as the Kapsch specification) is used by many toll agencies. This document is an open specification provided to anyone under a royalty-free, perpetual license agreement. Several vendors have already developed devices based on it.

Conformance testing will ensure that these devices have correctly implemented all functionalities defined in the specification. For example, both radio and protocol commands will be tested. Some of the tests will include verifying that a tag and a reader responds to each others commands in a correct amount of time or that toll data can be written to or read from a tag. A device (a tag or a reader) has to pass all conformance test cases to pass the tests. Conformance testing should be the first test required by tolling agencies.

MET Labs experts have validated the test tool extensively and a byproduct of this effort is the TDM Clarification document that is available from the Kapsch website. MET Labs plans to submit the validation plan and results to OmniAir Certification Services (OCS) and have the OCS qualify the TDM Conformance Tester for the future IAG certification program and the IBTTAs National Interoperability Program. MET Labs has 100% financed the development of the test apparatus.

MET became the leading tolling test lab by pioneering a cost-saving lab-based solution. Previously, test vendors performed laborious and expensive field tests. Now, most of the testing is conducted in the test lab that offers customized test settings and repeatable test results. The innovative test process for tags and readers is efficient, fast, safe, accurate and cheaper.

MET Labs is a full service transportation test center and we offer:

1. Regulatory testing (FCC)

2. Conformance Testing (6B, 6C and TDM)

3. Environmental Testing

4. Performance Testing: Lab Testing (Simulated Toll Testing) & Field Testing

Testing for these steps is based on test requirements developed by various toll agencies and standardized test procedures developed by SDOs (Standard Development Organizations), industry consortia (such as OCS, GS1) or by MET Labs. The above tests can be adapted to the unique needs of each tolling agency.

The TDM Conformance Tester will allow tolling agencies to purchase tested and certified devices from multiple sources and have confidence that they have implemented all functionality correctly, says Ted Osinski, MET Labs Director of Emerging Technologies.

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