Microsoft researcher honoured for Bing machine learning work

Microsoft researcher honoured for Bing machine learning work
Neural networks; these computer systems loosely mimic the human brain. They can be trained to perform tasks on data labeled by humans. It was unique technology and far ahead of its time. Recently, other search engines and systems have made use of …
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Prince Charles: To limit climate change we will need to see profound changes
Developing new housing, roads, ports, schools and hospitals, while at the same time keeping ecological systems and human communities in good health and thriving, will require more than tinkering with business as usual. It will require us to find …
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Google's chatbot AI discusses meaning of life and more
Google is interested in AI development mainly as a means of improving their search engine capabilities, customer support, and so on. The researchers described a number of tests they performed on the AI system at length. After discussing troubleshooting …
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