Minecraft 1.8 – New Eriador Server – Shop District #2

Description: New Eriador is a whitelisted server established by sZPeddy. There is no natural regeneration and no coordinates in the F3 screen. The Members of the server are: sZPeddy, Rike:…

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14 Responses to Minecraft 1.8 – New Eriador Server – Shop District #2

  1. sZPeddy says:

    Now I know what you did during the whole day on the server 🙂 My skelly farm is just through the fields. Follow the lilly pads and you will find the stairs!

  2. eli Heakins says:

    Keralis is awesome he is so inspirational 

  3. Nerdability says:

    i would have a home depot and a precious gems and minerals store, where you get what you require (potions, food, building materials etc) for diamonds or gold/iron that is open when you have some extra resources after a long mining haul. 

  4. Caleb Smith says:

    What about a bar or pub

  5. Morgan Godfrey says:

    call it minekea 

  6. UninvitedFamily says:

    Home depot sounds like an awesome idea. If records were a little more easily accessible I would have said make a music shop. Great video nonetheless keep it up 

  7. ShibakinGaming says:

    Hey Lewis, when you make the shop you should have pressure plates attached to note blocks that play a tune when someone comes in.

  8. Mitchell Gough says:

    why are you not showing new videos of this? :(

  9. Dan Gratz says:

    I am all with you, Lewis. The dark oak is so awesome! And as for the home depot, go for it! I’m sure you could make something awesome with that!

  10. Ryan Tan says:

    U should be like ikea, sell your furniture in sets, e.g. bedroom set, living room set. And each set can come with a set of building materials or tools. U can even make a display area, for how each set may look like. Oh, and everything should be D.I.Y. or it will cost extra ;)

  11. DollarsFTW says:


  12. josh quayle says:


  13. Chelsea McCarthy says:

    Lewis i just went through 85 Kevin Macleod Songs and i still cant find the song you used after the intro. Anyone care to share 

  14. Taylor Arnold says:

    what texture pack lewis 

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