Mishka Henner Uses Google Earth as Muse

Mishka Henner Uses Google Earth as Muse
He is one of a growing number of artists making savvy use of the surveillance capabilities of satellite imaging and Google Street View in work that reflects the way the Internet age has altered our visual experience. Mr. Henner takes a lofty view of …
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Google's Matt Brittin Rejects Criticism That Search Engine Helps Pirates
matt brittin google Google's Matt Brittin delivered a keynote to industry execs here in Edinburgh this morning, extolling the virtues of YouTube and how it can be a strong partner for the television business. The president of EMEA business and …
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Google's Optical Character Recognition Software Now Works with All South Asian
The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software by Google now works for more than 248 world languages, including all the major South Asian languages, and it's easy to use and works with over 90 percent accuracy for most languages. OCR software has …
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