Mock Dock Day: WaterFire Providence’s Training Day

Mock Dock Day: WaterFire Providence’s Training Day
Event on 2015-05-09 12:00:00
Join WaterFire for our Annual Mock Dock Day


Photo by Jeffrey StolzbergAre you looking to get involved with WaterFire? Mock Dock Day is for you!

At Mock Dock Day you will get hands on training into making the art possible!

During the event we encourage you to move around as much as you can, but for this training we ask you choose just one!

Learn all about being an Ambassador of Light, Special Ops, or part of The Woodboat Crew.Ambassador of Light:

Our Ambassadors cover a wide range of the event, from greeting guests, to being in the Star Field, to selling merch, to helping guests write dedications with Luminaria. If you are a people person, and interested in meeting new people, while helping WaterFire grow, being an Ambassador is for you!  We'll teach you all about being an Ambassador, how to engage the audience, and answer to some questions you may be challenged with from the guest. You never know when you'll meet a new friend! Special Ops:


Being a part of Special Operations is like being a part of a fast moving machine! Special Ops are one of the elements to make an sure every event has a diffrent element. Our Special Ops are trained to know exactly what we are doing and when! The real magic for Special Ops is right before the event starts, and being a part of something that 65,000+ are watching! Special Ops will learn about proper torch handling, crowd control, fire control, and what goes into being a member of Special Ops.Woodboat Crew:


Become a fire tender! Join us on a woodboat and become a living piece of the art installation! Feed the fires with rhythm and in perfect harmony with your fellow volunteers. Woodboat crews will create the materials that ignite the fires, then head out  onto the boats and learn about building the braziers the proper way, finally we'll end with a mock lighting procession and a round of feeding the fires!

at WaterPlace Park; Volunteer Check In
129 Dyer Street
Providence, United States

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