New Charitable Release From Dogpile

(PRWEB) January 12, 2011

Dogpile formerly signed to Belgiums Kk Records gained notoriety for their aggressive, guitar heavy sound, unrelenting drum machine and mix of screaming and growling vocals. They looked like they hated the world, no thank-you for coming shit, no encores, no contact with the audience, no laughs. Just short sets of violent guitars and hate wrote one live show attendee.

Vocalist William Adams states I thought all the anger and vitriol had been medicated out of me. I was wrong; its not gone, just more refined and calculating. Inspired to move forward with new Dogpile material by the recent death of their close friend and tour manager from pancreatic cancer, this may set the stage for further new material from the band. All proceeds from Broke Upon the First Stress will be donated to The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Sea Shepherd’s primary mandate is to assume a law enforcement role as provided by the United Nations World Charter for Nature. Choosing The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as the recipient for revenue generated from this song was based on Adams desire to save the planet, not humanity.

Planned as a digital only release, Broke Upon the First Stress is scheduled to arrive February 22nd 2011 on Adams Trees & Wires imprint with cover art by photographer Michael Dent. The song carries forward the aggressive, crushing disdain of earlier Dogpile work using programmed drums and thunderous bass coupled with ringing guitars and barking vocals. In recent years Adams has quietly been putting out hand packaged discs under the moniker Dragging The Mule. To find out more, please visit and


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