New Search Engine Makes Browsing Faster

(PRWEB) November 29, 2001

Turbo10 Metasearch Engine today unveiled its uniquely designed search engine interface that significantly reduces browsing time for users searching the Internet.

Turbo10 has significantly reduced searching time by taking the scroll bar out of searching and replacing it with a Search-o-Meter: a unique search tool that enables users to move quickly through the 10 results per page.

Nigel Hamilton, Turbo10’s co-founder and Managing Director, said, “We wanted to put the searcher in the driver’s seat, so we developed a responsive interface that puts the user in control. With Turbo10, searching is fast but browsing the results is even faster.”

Turbo10 searchers use forward and backward control buttons built into the Turbo10 interface to quickly flick through the search results.

The Turbo10 Search-o-Meter also graphically shows searchers how far they have progressed through the results and enables searchers to instantly jump to anywhere in the result pages.

“We realised searchers were annoyed by having to scroll up and down long lists of search results. By removing the scroll bar and displaying only 10 results per page searchers can browse much quicker,” said Nigel Hamilton.

In addition to Turbo10’s unique interface, Turbo10’s Metasearch Engine returns results quicker than other Metasearch engines. Traditional Metasearch Engines have always been slower than normal Search Engines as they have to wait for the slowest engine to respond before showing the results.

Instead of waiting until all the target engines respond Turbo10 immediately displays results as they arrive at the browser.

“Depending on your connection speed Turbo10 can show results faster than searching on the actual engine. We make this possible by compressing the size of the results in transit,” he said.


Turbo10 Metasearch Engine is operated by Fleetfoot Internet Solutions

Limited, a privately owned company specialising in search engine technology. Fleetfoot Internet Solutions is based in London, United Kingdom.


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