Next Generation of Flight Search Engine Coined ‘Meta-Meta Search’

London, UK (PRWEB) August 5, 2008 was officially launched today with an exclusive tool that compares prices from multiple flight comparison sites, performing a so called “Meta-Meta search”. The new site compares flights from Kelkoo, Kayak, Dohop, Mobissimo and Skyscanner with one single user query, scanning hundreds of different travel agents and 660 airlines. The aim of the new search engine is to offer a practical solution to the problem which affects current day flight comparison sites, namely the inability of a particular meta search engine to compare every single travel site online.

For a number of years now travel journalists and financial experts have been encouraging people to compare flight prices from multiple meta search engines in order to locate the cheapest flights online. Both Martin Lewis of and David Grossman of espouse the same idea.

David Grossman, travel columnist for USA today says ‘…Perhaps one day someone will launch a metasearch site that searches multiple metasearch sites with the click of a button. But for now, the prudent thing is to continue searching multiple websites if you want to find a bargain or the best value for your money…’ reference

Shahab Siddiqui, Founder of the new website, says, “You could consider to be the first meta-meta search engine for flights … rather than searching traditional travel agents and airlines, the site uniquely compares some of the best flight comparison sites online.”

The site now claims to be an indispensable tool for savvy internet consumers looking for the cheapest flights. The founder of the site says that developing this type of search facility was necessary due to the inability of a single flight search engine to comprehensively search the internet. He claims that if consumers were to carefully select searches on multiple flight search engines they could effectively multiply the number of sites compared and practically guarantee themselves the cheapest available price.

Starting off with a small loan, Shahab embarked upon this ambitious project with only his personal laptop to hand. Hiring a small band of developers and forming unique relationships with numerous flight comparison sites, he has managed to construct the first flight engine for meta-meta search. He now envisages the new website to be a valuable resource for finding flights and saving consumers considerable time and money.

About was launched on the 5th of August 2008, aiming to ease the process of finding the cheapest flights online. The site is the first of its kind to compare multiple comparison sites including Kelkoo, Kayak, Dohop, Mobissimo and Skyscanner, comparing hundreds of travel sites and 660 unique airlines with one single user query.

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