Next-Generation Tele-Operated Robots Can Be Hacked

Next-Generation Tele-Operated Robots Can Be Hacked
A team of engineers from the University of Washington demonstrated that next generation tele-operated robots using non-private networks can be easily disrupted or derailed by common forms of cyber-attacks. Incorporating security measures to foil those …
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These tiny robots have superhuman strength
Imagine dragging a blue whale around on land without batting an eye. That's similar to the strength of tiny robots being developed by engineers at Stanford University. These micro-robots, which are about the size of a Matchbox car, can pull 2,000 times …
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A Chinese company is replacing 90% of its workers with robots
The 200 employees not receiving pink slips will take on a new role — overseeing the robotic workforce. Shenzhen Evenwin, based out of Dongguan in the urban Pearl River Delta area of southern China, is not the only factory transitioning from a …
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