OUR PAST: I, Robot, 1990-style

OUR PAST: I, Robot, 1990-style
In a photograph from The Courier-Tribune archives of March 1990, South Asheboro Middle School eighth-grader Travis Davis shows off the robotic arm that he crafted using wood and tape for the school science fair. Have you been to a school science fair …
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Time AI learned to shoot the breeze? Microsoft works on tech to spark human
Microsoft and Facebook have teamed up with US university researchers to train a computer to simulate that same human curiosity and ask similar questions when presented with photos. Their results varied, with some systems better at generating human-like …
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Brussels police shoot man 'carrying a bomb after he takes a woman hostage'
With the scene cleared, a bomb robot rolled in and lifted the rucksack, which a bomb disposal expert then inspected. Photographs taken shortly afterwards showed smoke rising from the backpack, which may have been blown up in a controlled explosion.
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