Planning for Successful Entry Into Medical School Begins in the First Year of College

Students interested in attending medical school are usually aware of this passion well before entering college. Other students may not realize their passion until they are already in college. advises both sets of students to take action as soon as they are aware of their interest in the medical field.

Whether the interest has been ongoing or is recently discovered, all college students should be in communication with their advisor to ensure the correct college courses are being selected that will support an ongoing education and entry into medical school. First year college students who have not yet spoken to a pre-health advisor must do so as quickly as possible to avoid taking unnecessary courses in the first semester. Most universities and colleges have various school and student organizations. Becoming a member of relevant organizations is key to expanding connections in the health and medical arena.

Students will want to become part of and attend any meetings held by school organizations to stay updated on volunteer opportunities, scholarship opportunities, as well as to grow their personal network of contacts, advises Stephan Trumball, spokesperson. This includes developing relationships with the faculty, advisors, and mentors available through your school.

As the first year progresses, staying up to date on the organizations offered on campus and their events will prove a wealth of information on choosing specialties or identifying opportunities to explore specialties. Another great way to keep tabs on what is happening in the medical field is to sign up for email newsletters or follow social sites of some of the larger medical organizations. National organizations such as the American Heart Association have dedicated pages for their volunteer programs which are a great way to begin to experience the medical industry in a variety of ways.

These are key steps to starting off on the right foot towards your eventual medical career. The sooner you know and can plan, the less time spent wasted on wrong courses or missed opportunities, adds Trumball. As the school year is close to beginning, it is a best practice to begin reaching out to advisors to ensure the year begins on track and without stress.

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