Putting Founders First

Putting Founders First
That experience resonates, says Darren Rush, chief executive of Koders, a Santa Monica-based search engine for software developers. Rush received an investment from a group led by Founders Fund last April (before the development of the FF shares).
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【コラム】イマドキのIDE事情 第172回 GitHub Desktopとは?
GitHubは以前からGitHub for Windows、GitHub for MacというGUIクライアントを提供していた(本連載の第142回参照)。これはGitの複雑な部分をラップし、Gitに不慣れな初心者でも簡単にGitを利用できるようにするためのものだった。 このGitHub for Windows、GitHub for …
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Hybrid software development: Mixing open source with other code
The open source revolution has accelerated the process of disaggregating software into components, not unlike what happened to the hardware industry 20-30 years ago. In the world of component-based software development, where reuse is the mantra, …
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