Rambler – Switch Off!

Rambler – Switch Off!
Namibia came close to shutting down as its jittery power supply situation was dumped into further turmoil when, apparently due to failure in a transmission line from Zimbabwe, NamPower's Paulinus Shilamba last week announced that we were on the verge …
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Naked Rambler saga exposes legal complexity (01:21)
Naked Rambler saga exposes legal complexity (01:21). Stephen Gough's refusal to wear clothes in public has seen him spend years in prison, thanks to a unique legal order he continues to breach. 10/06/15. White House Press Secretary John Earnest …
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СМИ: Россия хочет создать Техасскую народную республику
Издание Politico предполагает, что российские власти считают важной поддержку движения за отделение Техаса от США. Издание подчеркивает, что один из лидеров «Техасского националистического движения» Нейтан Смит посетил съезд …
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