Revealed: CIA Created 'Foreign Power' Chatbot, Interrogated Own Agents

Revealed: CIA Created 'Foreign Power' Chatbot, Interrogated Own Agents
Analiza was an artificially intelligent (A.I.) chatbot used in the 1980s. Vice's Jordan Pearson this week spotlights this ambitious, forward-thinking piece of technology, thanks to a document the agency just released through a freedom of information …
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US government chatbot gets you to tell all
Writing in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, the researchers say that candidates were much more likely to admit to having had mental health issues, using illicit drugs or drinking alcohol in a session with the 'chatbot' than in a written …
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Human After All: Ex Machina 's Novel Take on Artificial Intelligence
Ava was later revealed to be a chatbot, devised by a marketing department to promote Alex Garland's new movie, Ex Machina. The film follows a young programmer, Caleb (played by Domhnall Gleeson), who wins a competition to spend a week with Nathan …
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