Search startup Blekko closes $30M funding round

Search startup Blekko closes M funding round
Unlike search giant Google, Blekko uses slashtags to help filter results, which means it searches only the sites you want and discards the bulk of spammy and artificially-gamed SEO sites. The startup launched its search engine in 2010. The new round …
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SEO Tools from Google, Bing, Blekko
Search engines can provide excellent information that can help site owners increase traffic. Often that information is available via an easy-to-access set of search engine optimization or webmaster tools. The search engine market is very competitive in …
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Search underdog Blekko gets serious, makes major improvements (exclusive)
With 1.5 million unique users and 70 to 80 million queries per month, search upstart Blekko isn't big enough to sit at the adult search table with Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. But don't tell that to Blekko. Fed up with the prevalence of spam in search …
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