Self-Esteem and Your Authentic Happiness Workshop for Women

Self-Esteem and Your Authentic Happiness Workshop for Women
Event on 2015-07-16 18:30:00
Hello dear ladies! 🙂 "Happiness and healthy self-esteem is not just a mood, it's a work ethic. It's not about lying to ourselves or turning a blind eye to the negative. But about adjusting our brain so that we see the ways to rise above our circumstances. Your life, your control, your Happiness".  Research shows that one of the main obstacles to our success and happiness is lack of self-confident and low self-esteem. This was our inspiration to creating this event where we all get to explore the fundamentals to our low self-esteem and unhappiness and practical ways we can rise above our circumstances. You will meet lots of like-minded people, have fun and make long term friends. We will have fun games and exercises and you will experience the sense of community and connection. We will talk about boosting your confidence, letting go of the past, creating your authentic happiness and finally releasing those limiting beliefs that will enable you to create the life that you truly want. We will have a lot of practice of the concepts, so that you can successfully apply them in your real life. In this workshop you will: Meet lots of like-minded people and create new friendships Experience a sense of community that cares for you and supports you in your beginnings Discover the blind spots what self-limiting beliefs hold you back and get rid of them Create absolute confidence in yourself Choose happiness in every moment of your life Learn how your body language and thoughts affect how you feel and act Learn to love yourself unconditionally Identify your fears and get the practical tools so that fears are no longer an obstacle to your success and happiness Create deep connection with your loved ones Become a genuinely happy person everyone wants to be around Release your unlimited potential Play full out and live your life powerfully the way you want The event is and part of the proceeds raised will be donated to a good cause.    Contribute and Grow! 🙂 A glass of wine will be provided. The workshop will be lead by Iana Baiman and Anna Mandryko. Here are the profiles of the speakers: Iana Baiman From BA in Psychology to numerous workshops and seminars to countless books and research, Iana's interest in personal development never ceases to be a big part of who she is. Making a difference and watching how individuals transform into happier more abundant selves is at the heart of her passion. She is always keen to share her knowledge, her spirit, her energy, aiding those around her in finding  that motivation and the path that moves beyond what people think is possible.  "It is not the weight of the world that determines what we can or cannot do but our own mental construction of who we are defines our reality" Anna Mandryko Anna is a certified personal development coach that has been highly involved into making people's lives better by helping people find their biggest potential and help make their dreams come true. Anna has coached groups and individuals on the following topics: Self-esteem and Confidence, Finding true passion and creating business based on what one loves and Relationships.  Anna's mission in life is to cause an enlightened world full of expressed love, authentic connection, abundance and fulfilled dreams. "Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.” – Lao Tzu   You CAN master your mind! You can master happiness in your life. You can have the self-confidence that you need to be successful. Happiness and Self-confidence is a learnable skill.   

at Scotiabank Dance Centre
677 Davie Street
Vancouver, Canada

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