Sex Robots Of The Future

Sex robots may very soon be part of normal life for many people. A pretty cool and equally creepy depiction of what a futuristic female ‘sex robot’ might look like on the inside was recently…
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22 Responses to Sex Robots Of The Future

  1. Kevin Lounsberry says:

    I think probably anyone who could afford a sex robot, would be able to find real women for a lower price.

  2. Drake Santiago says:

    I wonder if women are threatened by this? Of course, both men and women use masturbatory devices, so of course there are going to be male sex robots as well. However, if we can put the feminist delusions aside, and actually acknowledge the reality that men and women view sex differently, we must admit that this puts women at a bit of a disadvantage. Men, while attaching some emotion to sex, see it mostly as an act of physical pleasure. While women, who derive physical pleasure from sex, derive greater emotional satisfaction from sex than men. Hence, women have a greater need for a sexual partner with an emotional core – something that robots are far off from mimicking realistically. With men, if the robot can accurately simulate the physical sensation of sex – which is far easier to simulate than genuine human emotion – and since the emotional component to sex is secondary for most men, won’t realistic sex robots allow most men an escape from the arduous ordeal of approaching a woman and wooing her, and just allow them to cut to the chase? Could sexually realistic robots render women, to a great degree, obsolete to many men? I am not saying that ALL men don’t want women for other things, like companionship and intimacy, but there is a large segment of the male population that would not even bother with women if they could get a realistic sexual experience without a woman, and all the work that comes along with attracting a woman. 

  3. musicf3b says:

    I wonder how “cleaning up” will work. Do you need to douch it? Do you open it up and dump it out? Or do you just never cum inside?

  4. Optis78 says:

    Women already have sex with robots. They’re called dildos. Some are more advanced than others.

  5. LegendOfLegends19100 says:

    We need someone rich to fund the scientists from Japan or somewhere else and make this happen!Feminism has turned women against men and becides think about it.Gynoids would mean no more sexual harrasments,no more rape,no more cheatings,divorces and heartbroken men,no more irrational female opinions and acts.We need fembots now!

  6. Magic Mike says:

    Sounds like my washing machine lol

  7. themurmeli88 says:

    I can just imagine a Toyota/Honda etc. sigil embossed on that, along with a commercial where the sexbot runs on open plains, the mountain snow, desert and then jumps on to a guys bed, and fucks him off screen with a closing tittle like: “Our rides blow more than just your mind.”

  8. Level Nine Drow says:

    When this is perfected to the point of near total realism (if not completely realistic) the human race population will decline. Think about it, in the future you can have sex with the hottest woman (or man) you can possibly think of with non drama, courting, children as a result, disease (we hope), no bitching or complaining, no taking your money. This is fantastic. Men will then be able to focus on other things, like art, creativity, educating themselves, science, etc…they will be freed up from the relationship and child aspect of being human and more able to pursue their dreams. Whereas before we have this “need” that must be fulfilled, however, currently this need brings so many consequences. In the future we will be able to fill this “need” with something other than our hand AND it will be high quality as well, thus be fulfilling. And then we can get on with our day, play our Play Station20, Drive through the country side in our hover car, Read Books, Go to school, …Jesus, just thinking about it get.s me excited. 

  9. Dylan M says:

    Women have TONS of toys for sex and men have hardly any lol, I think the default would be women are far more likely to get a male sex robot than men.

  10. Blue Whirlw1nd says:

    Hopefully then we can get them to the point of being conversation partners. people will then drop in numbers and maybe even begin to work on fixing the world around us that we have destroyed. Or if nothing else peoples numbers will decline and stop destroying the world so much. That would be cool.

  11. MOUNTAINOUS says:

    that robot in the mirror. they put a dumb mask on her. put a silicone real doll head on her and i will bend that bot over. 

  12. tghetto5 says:

    The day I start fucking robots is the day I put a loaded pistol in my mouth and squeeze.

  13. Tao Ming says:

    Mankind has finally progressed enough to know the fundamental truth of life but it is also the time mankind is most asleep. Google *Truth contest* and check out the top entry. 

  14. Jaden Crystal says:

    How low can humanity sink…are we now about to replace our women?? What’s next, robot babies so that females can avoid the pain of birth giving? Or having the robots carry the baby 9 months in their stomach so that we don’t have to see the fat stomach of our woman? I can understand building robots to aid the elderly or for medical purposes, but sex? I prefer a real women instead of a tin can oil factory machine.

  15. Star in the Box says:

    Honestly, no matter how advanced and realistic these things because I’d still rather do it with somehow I care about and can have a real emotional connection with.

  16. Felisha says:

    I think the arrow is to help mgtows (anti-feminists) guide them in the right direction.

  17. alfonso beltran says:

    Chobits… Look it up.

  18. The Spectator says:

    but where would you hide it? UPDATE: oh yeah and this would put so many hookers out of business XD

  19. Crabby Lobster says:

    plus scientific studies have shown that porn is actually a very dangerous thing and the way the brain reacts with porn over a long period of time is similar actually to how people react to a drug addiction over a long period of time, with stuff like this it will probably ruin society not make it better. porn is dangerous since it destroys the males’ brain perception of women.

  20. Paul Gavin says:

    #SEXBOTS In Near Future LOL

  21. Medusa Gorgon says:

    sex robots what the what I’ll subscribe :3

  22. tetsubo57 says:

    Sex machines exist. Real Dolls exist. Masturbation has *always* existed. Sexbots are just a fusion of all three. Once they are perfected it will be like printing money. Until direct stimulation of the brain’s pleasure centers is achieved. And *that* will make meth look like pop-rocks.

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