Solution for Eureka from Puzzle Master Wood Puzzles

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24 Responses to Solution for Eureka from Puzzle Master Wood Puzzles

  1. Donaji Balcázar says:

    Hi! I have one of this but it doesn’t have a ring, in that puzzle you have to separate the rope (is the same figure), so, is it possible? 

  2. alan g k says:

    cyprusreject You just need to do this twice, at each post and ring.

  3. drewfla says:

    I can get the ring off, but I have no idea what you’re doing to put it back together -_-

  4. xeniosm says:

    is there anyone that can solve a same but double ring-hole one? i am desperate

  5. randomtrader1 says:

    .. haha.. or if thats what you think.. maybe you are the one who needs to learn what one looks like..

  6. 7TvS7 says:

    I bought this thing on a holiday on a market. But I bought it without the ring. Tried to get the rope thing appart from the wooden figure. I now see why all attempts failed XD

  7. cyprusreject says:

    I got one of these but it has 2 column things and 2 rings. Does anybody know what it is called? or where I can find a solution?

  8. bluestreak711 says:

    I was told that all three parts were supposed to be completely separated.

  9. Janric Sotelo says:

    you need your meds.

  10. Harriet Carrington says:

    i went wrong somewhere… now it’s tangled

  11. crazymrk says:

    nice how about for the mini rope bridge?

  12. smellyrat says:

    mind = blown I was trying this for hours on the plane back from greece

  13. aaa45072 says:

    AhHAAA! Took me hours.

  14. Rubmaster88 says:

    @JulianC1769 Exactly the same here xD

  15. yep says:

    My boyfriend got this for me last night, it wasn’t so hard. I thought I did it wrong since I did it so easily, but I’m surprised that I did it right. haha

  16. SoulTreeCreations says:

    fantastic, thanks.

  17. qwerty93k says:

    are u fucking retarted?

  18. mickie825 says:

    dude me too

  19. Emily Quinlan says:

    Mine is so tangled I’m watching so i can figure out its original state?

  20. Ana Lozano says:

    i did one of those today n it took my bout 30 min in total taking it out n putting it bak in,it was my first time trying it :p

  21. Brother-Hood Productions says:

    i had one like this at my school, and i amazed my teacher!!

  22. Cihan Reşit Köse says:

    eşhedüenlaaaailahe illallah ve eşhedüenle…… imana geldim

  23. giantchung1011 says:

    omg thank you so much. i solved it and i couldn’t remember how to unsolve it. this vid helped a lot

  24. Julian Chuan says:

    Mine got tangled and fell out accidentally. I’m watching this to find out how to put it back in haha.

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