The Gulls play in the AHL. What is the AHL?

The Gulls play in the AHL. What is the AHL?
As the Gulls, San Diego's first American Hockey League team, swoop back into the city's consciousness, there is an important (if elementary) question: What, exactly, is the American Hockey League? … So it's just a constant machine that just keeps …
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Opinionator | How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love AI
Thirty-five years later, though, the argument seems outdated. At bottom, it is a convoluted way of saying that machines don't have consciousness and feelings. Denying machine understanding tells us nothing about the potential limits of machine …
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Thought process: Building an artificial brain
For them and the small army of other PhD scientists working for Allen, the quest to understand the brain and human intelligence has parallels in the early 1900s when men first began to ponder how to build a machine that could fly. There were those who …
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