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The Launch of NU CLUB

The spark of an opportunity, the launch of a career, or the beginning of a great adventure. Whichever you seek, there's Nu Club – an new community for Nu Skin entrepreneurs around the world to share goals and experiences, get a dose of inspiration, and channel it into something big. A community changing their world. Together, we share, inspire and grow.

Nu Club is an exclusive club created and based on nearly 30 years of Nu Skin experience of Team Elites Monte & Traci Schumacher. It's designed for success minded Nu Skin entrepreneurs.


About the 3 Tenents of Nu Club, Mind, Body, Business

Learn how to create your Nu Skin business plan for 2014

How to integrate all of the NEW Tools to supercharge your business

The Success Formula

See the Nu Club Business PPT and get your copy

How to establish your 2014 New Years Resolutions

Network with other Nu Club members in the Innovation Center and enjoy some

Christmas Cheer!





Nu Club is a NEW approach to network marketing.

We address each challenge in you Nu Skin business with a degree of flexibility. We understand that everything which has come and gone, or been done before may be useful but it may be a distraction. 

Knowledge and expertise are tricky things: being keys to locks and also bars on cages. What we know and believe can just as easily help us solve problems and achieve objectives as it can enslave us to automatic, thoughtless response. Questions open the mind. Answers may either free or close it. The closed mind stagnates, and repeats its meager experience over and over.

We often see Nu Skin leaders who consider themselves experts apply a rigid 'solution' to particular and similar problems while being closed-minded to other possibilities. Expert knowledge can be the finest weapon or the worst sort of prison. Mired in details, we are blind to the principle. Too focused on individual steps of the path we lose sight of the fundamental values and lose also the Way.

We are suspicious of systems. We are skeptical of systemizing that which is and should be organic. While one cannot create a training program and track its results without numbers, such a system is not the only way to achieve success. For over 29 years I meticulously tweaked everything that might affect my overall success in Nu Skin. However, I did so with the ultimate goal being to free myself of the need to do so. Learning how and when and why taught me the Way, and set me free. This is our objective. That's the objective of Nu Club.

NOTE: Because of the advance preparation there are NO REFUNDS.

at Nu Skin Offices
75 West Center
Provo, United States

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