Nutch, la competencia opensourse de Google

Nutch, la competencia opensourse de Google
Nutch es un proyecto en crecimiento soportado por la comunidad Opensourse que según palabras de ellos mismos trata de dar batalla a un mercado casi monopólico de Google y digo casi porque a pesar de la existencia de Bing, Yahoo! y proyectos …

How Blippex handles the data behind its time-driven search engine
And in using and evaluating open-source tools such as Redis, MongoDB and Elasticsearch — Blippex has something in common with Yahoo, which at one point was working on Nutch as a tool for crawling the internet in order to build the index for its search …
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Gigablast Now an Open Source Search Engine
… easy to work on and fix bugs even though it is over 500,000 lines of code. It is intended as a replacement for some of the patch-work search systems involving Hadoop, Cassandra, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Lucene, Nutch, Solr, Zookeeper and Apache.
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