Trainer encourages getting outside for exercise

Trainer encourages getting outside for exercise
When you pair that with proven memory building cardio, you get a double brain boost. On a nice sunny day put on your sunscreen, be sun safe, and head outdoors for a natural full dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps build strong bones, decreases diabetes, …
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How To Increase Concentration and Become More Productive
… all the work it's got ahead of it. Load your first meal up with brain healthy foods like nuts, whole-grains, fresh fruits and protein. You can also keep similar snacks on hand all day for an added brain boost for those times you feel your brain …
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Childhood music lessons 'leave lasting brain boost'
Learning a musical instrument as a child gives the brain a boost that lasts long into adult life, say scientists. Adults who used to play an instrument, even if they have not done so in decades, have a faster brain response to speech sounds, research …
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