Turbo10 Search Clustering Technology Reduces Browsing Time

(PRWEB) December 12, 2001

Turbo10 Metasearch Engine launched a new search engine clustering technology on the Internet today. Turbo10 automatically groups results into similar topic areas or ‘clusters.’ Enabling searchers to quickly ‘home in’ on a relevant topic cluster and find a result quicker.

Turbo10.com’s new clustering technology – ‘Turbo10 Topics’ – lists the Top 10 related topic clusters for a search.

Nigel Hamilton, Turbo10’s co-founder and Managing Director, said, “We want searchers to find a result fast. Topic clustering enables us to present the searcher with a high precision result set. This means less browsing and quicker results for the searcher.”

At the centre of Turbo10’s clustering technology is a unique, multilingual information retrieval algorithm that concurrently clusters results from other search engines.

“The clustering algorithm and interface were designed from scratch with browsing speed and the searcher in mind. The algorithm is optimised so only the Top 10 Topics are presented to the searcher,” Nigel Hamilton, former Computer Science University Lecturer, said.

Turbo10 Topics are generated for each search and are listed in a pull down menu at the top of the search results to help users refine their search. For example, if you search on ‘salsa’, Turbo10’s algorithm identifies ‘dancing’ and ‘recipes’ as two distinct topics.

Together with Turbo10 Topics, Turbo10 has significantly reduced browsing time by taking the scroll bar out of searching and replacing it with a Search-o-Meter: a unique search tool that enables users to move quickly through the 10 results per page.

Turbo10 searchers use forward and backward control buttons built into the Turbo10 interface to quickly flick through the search results.

The Turbo10 Search-o-Meter also graphically shows searchers how far they have progressed through the results and enables searchers to instantly jump to anywhere in the result pages.

About Turbo10.com

Turbo10 Metasearch Engine is operated by Fleetfoot Internet Solutions

Limited, a privately owned company specialising in search engine technology.

Fleetfoot Internet Solutions is based in London, United Kingdom.

To visit the website go to: http://turbo10.com

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