US 'freezes intelligence cooperation with German troops in Iraq'

US 'freezes intelligence cooperation with German troops in Iraq'
“It's about things you can't buy off the shelf,” German intelligence sources told Bild. “Without the technology of the Americans, we're blind.” The Bundestag's inquiry into foreign spying, known in Germany as the “NSA Committee”, is not new to controversy.

Threat Intelligence Platforms: The Next 'Must-Have' For Harried Security
Threat intelligence platforms — a new category of software and services coming from emerging players such as ThreatConnect, ThreatQuotient, and ThreatStream – promise to aggregate and help correlate threat data emanating from the growing base of …
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The Yin and Yang of smartphone intelligence
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Riddle me this: What do the just-expired Patriot Act and Android's app permissions system have in common? These three things, for starters: — Both have given others justification for collecting our personal smartphone data without …
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