Vanguard Natural Resources declares $0.03 dividend

Vanguard Natural Resources declares The 2016 CRM Service Leaders: Interactive Voice Response
Growth is being fueled by increasing consumer acceptance of speech technologies, thanks in large part to technological advances in natural language understanding, machine learning, and IVR analytics, as well as the integration of self-service and …
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.03 dividend

The general story for levered E&P companies has been, distribution cuts and elimination, second lien, max the revolver, insert language in 10q about strategic balance sheet options, retain V&E or similar bk law firm, skip interest payment and use grace …
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When We 'Talk' Via Text, What Language Are We Speaking?
Or will we just get (more) tired of the word and until it dies a natural death? No matter the future of 'selfie', the prevalence of digital things in our daily lives has caused many language changes. People say they "spoke" to someone, even if it's …
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