Where could Jeffrey Whiteside be?

Where could Jeffrey Whiteside be?
The K-9 search team is just part of a widening effort to figure out what happened to Whiteside. When Whiteside first went missing, officers went door-to-door in concentrated areas of Ephraim, Chief Deputy Pat McCarty said. The door-to-door effort …
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Anonymous Donor Puts Up M Reward for Garland's Ruby Slippers
After a search team scoured an Itasca County lake for the slippers last month, Kelsch said the donor stepped forward. Kelsch said the donor is a "huge Garland fans" and "Wizard of Oz fans." The 10-year anniversary of the slippers disappearing is coming …
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Recap: Party Down South 2 Season Finale
However, this plan backfires when Ashton gets so worked up trying to find the phone like a search team combing through a field. This only add fuel to Ashton's fire. To her dismay, she can't find the phone. Well that's because the guys decided to play a …
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