Why artificial intelligence is succeeding: Then and now

Why artificial intelligence is succeeding: Then and now
And the most exciting thing? The opportunity is boundless. The data keeps growing while machines become faster so yesterday's, today's and the future's AI systems can only keep succeeding. This article is published as part of the IDG Contributor Network.
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Behind The Siri Killer Facebook M, A Battle Over AI's Future
It's also the latest salvo in a high-stakes battle over the ways artificial intelligence should transform the way we live and work. Facebook M is intended to allow users of Facebook Messenger to pose any query or service request in natural language and …
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Toyota to Finance Million 'Intelligent' Car Project
The Toyota program will focus on developing more artificial-intelligence-based monitoring systems. For example, in the future, an A.I. system might do more than warn drivers that they are leaving their lane and actively correct all kinds of driver …
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