Wine + nighttime allergy meds = oops. Excited to tell you guys about some things but can’t seem to find the words. Watch the video for some special announcements that I’m VERY excited and sign…

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15 Responses to WHY I’M A HORRIBLE ROLE MODEL – Internet Therapy

  1. Taryn Southern says:

    DON’T drink on Benadryl kids

  2. Taryn Southern says:

    Hi everyone! I just arrived in Tel Aviv and thinking about doing a meet-up THIS SUNDAY, May 3rd. Any of you in Israel interested, or have suggestions on where we can do it in Tel Aviv? I’ll update everyone on Instagram (TarynSouthern) with a location and time by Saturday!

  3. Emily Olson says:

    I can’t even. You are way too hilarious.

  4. El Herpo Derpo says:

    How are you and your boyfriend Joe doing? #Jaryn

  5. Un1234l says:

    Oh how I despise that I adore you… I just hate how much I love you so.

  6. Jack Winter says:

    I love Taryn she reminds me so much of Grace Helbig and the fact I get to enjoy both is awesome!

  7. Ken P says:

    Because you said no to my brother Andrew.

  8. Andrew Lynn says:

    The key to getting girls in high school. Join band, choir and theater. Be mildly attractive, straight, and not creepy. Trust me, it works

  9. GodBotherer1 says:

    Yeah, more Flula… he’s cool. For Ashley at 1:27, she needs to wear an engagement ring to stop guys flirting with her. You will still get guys who don’t give a fuck about traditional values, morals or respect who will keep trying to cut your BF’s grass anyway, but 95% of the fuckwits will be gone.

  10. Romain Blandiaux says:

    Those are really great news. I’m very happy for you. Hope you could keep doing what you like. Love you, your style and your work. Stay awesome.

  11. Aspiring Runner says:

    Fucking *FINALLY*. Watching you on your channel and JKNews i’ve wondered if you’d ever considered doing a talk show. You’re articulate, intelligent with a very appealing and healthy sense of humor. I’m happy for you :)

  12. bigvirgotube says:

    I hope you did some Bangles/GoGo’s covers.

  13. GOBbluthagain says:

    love you on jknews and their other channels

  14. CassesVultus says:

    Why be a role model when you could be a roll model, because bakers need to advertise too!

  15. garruksson says:

    Just here to prevent a “first” comment

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