Wikipedia founder: Information can beat oppression

Wikipedia founder: Information can beat oppression
Jimmy Wales is the founder of as well as other wiki-related organizations, including the charitable organization Wikimedia Foundation and the for-profit company Wikia Inc. The views expressed are his own. (CNN) Wikipedia turned 15 last week.
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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens': All About the New Characters
… Rey and new villain Kylo Ren. So maybe she has skills with the ancient, elegant weapon, as well. According to Star Wars wikia and from clips we've seen, Rey, who is played by actress Daisy Ridley, trades her finds while scavenging on the world of …
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Painting Company Tells Customer Who Canceled "Death To Muslims"
All Aaditya Shah wanted was to get his Shaw rowhouse painted. But when he canceled on the painting company after crew members said they'd be late, the owner turned on him and began sending him anti-Muslim messages. Shah has now contacted the …

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