WolframAlpha co-creator to join TomTom as technology lead

WolframAlpha co-creator to join TomTom as technology lead
Overmann is a well-known figure in the technology industry, particularly for his role in WolframAlpha, which powers natural language searches in Apple's Siri, and is run on the same language that has predicted the spread of Ebola and outwitted …
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Want Quick Info About Bitcoin? Wolfram|Alpha has You Covered
Wolfram|Alpha (also known as WolframAlpha, Wolfram Alpha, or simply Wolfram) can do a lot of really cool stuff. Math students use it all the time for help in subjects like calculus or algebra. And now for the Bitcoin enthusiast, the "Computational …
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Proactive Siri of iOS 9 vs Google Now of Android M: Battle of the Smart Assistants
Thanks to Wolfram Alpha, Siri will also continue to be able to do quick calculations and conversions. Apart from that, Siri will also surface contacts much faster. According to Apple, the entire Siri experience is going to be 40% faster and 40% more …
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