Youtube, blogging and webinars. Get publicity and generate leads.

Youtube, blogging and webinars. Get publicity and generate leads.
Event on 2015-11-30 18:30:00
This is a special event as part of the launch of Timberyard Soho.   Early bird tickets are just £5. This will change to £10 without warning! When you are starting out or running a small business, getting publicity is crucial. Not only do you need to get publicity, it has to be the right type and shown to your target audience. Publicity is different to advertising. When you advertise you are paying for an advert to be put in front of someone. The information you use when paying for adverts is often very limited and can be very expensive if you get it wrong. Where advertising works to get instant results, publicity is something that lasts much longer, gets people much more involved with your product/service and best of all it is usually free.   In this special publicity event we have 3 invited speakers who are experts in their field. We have Hayley Quinn who makes viral Youtube videos and podcasts (she also features in the Daily Mail on a very consistent basis), we have Elsa Alexandra who is a business coach and professional blogger, and Mo Ali who is the king of webinars. Each speaker will be talking for about 30 minutes, at the end all three speaker will be involved in a panel Q&A                                                                  ****** How to get major PR by Hayley Quinn Dating Expert, writer and avid vlogger Hayley Quinn has been featured in countless magazines, has a growing youtube audience, and has made numerous TV appearances all with no traditional management structure. A self starter she has ideas about how to make your brand, content and message so unique people can't ignore you. Hayley will be sharing with you her secrets for;  – Building strategic relationships – Developing content that people will want to share/ viral videos – Avoiding bad PR – Pitching an idea so it doesn't sound like a pitch About Hayey Quinn Hayley also has over 50,000 subscribers to her Youtube channel Hayley features in the Daily Mail practically every month. Here are just a few articles in the that feature Hayley  Hayley was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary Hayley also runs a very popular podcast For more about Hayley Quinn, just Google her!                                                           ****** How to Use Webinars to Promote and Sell Your Products & Services by Mo Ali Webinars are one of the most powerful ways to present to a large, global audience. They are used by companies ranging from large multi-national organisations such as British Airways and Facebook to sole-traders such as consultants and authors. Whereas webinars have been around for over 10 years, they are now really starting to get accepted as a mainstream source of communication, as they have now been accepted by the general public as a reliable source of information. By using webinars in your business, you can position yourself as an authority, educate your target market and bring them a giant leap closer to wanting to work with you or to buy your product. What will be covered in this talk; ·  The 7 key components of a successful webinar ·  How to keep your audience engaged so that they stay attentive until the end ·  The best technology to use for webinars ·  The best time to host a webinar ·  Webinars versus hangouts – the advantages and disadvantages of both ·  The dual-presenter webinar and why it is useful for business                                                    Mo Ali Mo Ali is a Business Philosopher and the founder and CEO of METAWEBINAR, an organisation that helps companies to position themselves and sell their product or service through webinars. Having worked with best-selling authors, Multi-Million Pound organisations, charities and private consultants, our webinar structure has helped to sell-out large events, win high-ticket contracts and helps consultants gain authority positioning in their industry. Mo's extensive background in Marketing, having worked in both the City of London and in New York, ensures that he brings a truly global perspective to a truly global technology. For more information, visit                                                              ***** Building Your Business Through Blogging by Elsa Alexandra Razborsek Are you wondering how to find clients as a new coach, consultant or service-based entrepreneur? Join Elsa Alexandra Razborsek and discover how to attract your ideal customers through blogging, create a credible online brand, and build your business with little to no marketing budget. By 2020, customers are expected to manage 85 percent of their relationships with enterprises without talking to a human, according to Gartner Summits. And B2B  companies that blog already generate 67 percent more leads per month than those who do not blog,  Hubspot reports. At the same time, only 35 percent of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy, says the Content Marketing Institute. This means that up-levelling your online marketing strategy is not an option but a must. And if you start strategically blogging right now, you’ll have a head-start and be more effective than most business owners. In this actionable workshop you will learn: •  Why blogging is one of the most effective and easiest marketing tools you can use to build your business today. •  How to position yourself as an expert in your field through blogging, even if you’re just starting out. •  How to connect with the people who are looking for the exact solutions you offer. •  How to create a website that captures leads for your business while you sleep. •  How to consistently come-up with valuable content that keeps your audience coming back for more. •  How to turn your blog browsers into fans and fans into buyers. •  How to elegantly offer your services via your blog without being pushy. •  How to grow your credibility and audience through guest-posting. This will be a highly practical session, and you will leave with a clear plan to create (or re-create) a classy online presence that builds your business 24-7. Everything you’ll learn will be based on proven marketing strategies that have worked for Elsa and so many of her clients. Elsa Alexandra Razborsek Elsa Alexandra Razborsek is a Success Coach who specialises in helping working mums confidently create  businesses and careers more in-line with their purpose, passions and busy personal lives. Formerly a financial analyst in the City of London, Elsa left her corporate career behind after becoming a mum and started an online coaching business from home with her toddler in tow. Today, she offers private mentoring programs and intensives worldwide, teaching her clients how to make money doing what they truly love while enjoying their families. As a professional blogger, she also contributes to the Huffington Post, sharing her message on women’s empowerment through business development. Elsa holds an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management awarded with Dean’s Honors and Distinction, and a Master of Science degree in Biological Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico. Other qualifications include a double certification as a life coach from the Certified Coaches Federation and Expertise Coaching International Training. Elsa is also a trained Body Control Pilates® teacher and an Art of Feminine Presence™ graduate. Mostly known for helping women feel less stressed and more fulfilled as they manage work and family life, Elsa Alexandra can be reached at                                                               *****

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